A portrait being made. Al Agami with photographer Daniel Samanns

Al Agami, danish/african musician and actor, being portraited by german photographer Daniel Samanns.

Daniel uses the traditional wet plate collodion photography technique to make this beautifull portrait. The session was part of a week long photography workshop held at the Photoscope Copenhagen.

Disclaimer: This little film was ment to be for exercise only. Its the very first film I make, and I really only went down to the Photoscope to test the camera settings for film making. I knew Lene (the owner of the artspace) and Daniel was there, but then Al Agami, who has a back-office further the street, came by too, and a very intense and joyfulll portrait session took place spontaniously. That one hour is condensed here in the 3 min. video. Thanks to Lene, Daniel and Al Agami for letting me play around.

I used a Sony A7ii set on S-Log2. Edited with Davinci Resolve 14 - not knowing which buttons to touch most of the time.

Duration: 03:32 min.
Film by Peter Bjerg, april 2018.

Links: Daniel Samanns: http://www.wetplate-berlin.com
The Photoscope Copenhagen: http://thephotoscope.com
Peter Bjerg: http://peterbjerg.dk