Magnum Photography Awards

Magnum Photography Awards entry

Jeg deltager nu i Magnum Photography Awards 2017 konkurence med en serie på 10 billeder af min ven Stina Madelaire, der mere eller mindre træner yoga.
Stina og jeg lavede de her billeder for at eksperimentere med nye måder at fotograferes yoga på. Mere uperfekt, mere personligt, mere tredimensionelt, hvor man kan se kroppen i perspektiv, tyngde og udstrækning. Det var sjovt. Stina er en stjerne!

Review fra Magnum Photography Awards:

“Your photography shows a strong sense for composition and an understanding of how minimal elements within the frame can be arranged in order to create and emphasize particular emotions or narratives. More than this, however, you have successfully managed to avoid the standard, expected images of yoga that have become so standard and expected. Your impulse to not only diverge from cliches but to do so in a way that makes a statement about the gulf that exists between yoga as it is often depicted and yoga in practice makes this project conceptually strong and resonant on an emotional as well as a visual level.”