Instrumentally. A pictorial about people who sell, buy and love guitars (and other instruments) in a shop downtown Copenhagen.


Work in progres. 

These portraits of people with a favorite instrument are taken on location in the legendary Copenhagen music store "4 Sound København" - formerly Aage Jensen Musikhus. It's a current on-going project, and I will be adding new pictures regularly.

Each photograph shows either a 4 Sound sales person or a 4 sound customer with an instrument of their choice. An instrument that is special to them. The photos will be exhibited with a short text about the chosen instrument told by the person in the picture. 

Exhibition will be held in the Copenhagen 4 Sound flagship store at Landemærket, when the series is ready to show. 

There really is a very special atmosphere in this shop. It's full of people who really love music and instruments. And the collection and presentation of instruments is just overwhelming. But it's the people who work here, I notice the most. The staff/sales people are all active musicians in some way or another, and many have been for a lifetime. I notice how much they care about what they sell, and more over, who they sell it too. There is an engagement between the staf and customers (and instruments) that is great to experience, even if just to watch.  

In one way, an instrument is just a commodity like any other item sold in any other kind of shop. And 4 Sound is just another shop - that just happens to sell instruments. But then again, this is not true at all. Musical instruments can be life changers, because they are centerpieces in somebodies life with music. The "right instrument" can be any instrument that makes you want to play. Doesn't need to be the most expensive and legendary brand. In fact, there are so many cheap instruments for sale, that really works wonderfully well. It will get you going.  And then there are brands and models and special instruments that are sprinkled with stardust and prices that reaches for the stars too. This shop has it all. And a shop isn’t just a shop. For starter, this is a physical shop located downtown, where you can meet real people, music lovers, who will share their passion, and you can touch and try out all the various instruments. In a webshop, this isnt possible. And yet, shop likes this, has to compete with online stores - national and foreign, that pays less wages, less rent and therefor can sell cheaper. But shopping online, you don’t get to touch and try, you dont get to meet people like in real stores.